Rising into the Sun, the New Man is Here Now. A Circular Path, From the Past to the Future.

One year ago, in November 2019, after visiting the exhibition 100 Years of Bauhaus in Weimar, I had a profoundly inspiring conversation with Joerg Geier, sustainable innovation consultant, advisor and member of the Club of Rome. Joerg visited me in my remote refuge in the Alps, far away from then noise of the city, surrounded by silence and immersed in nature, we co-imagined what I come to call the rebirth of the New Man and the resurgence of the New Bauhaus. When I recently read a press release of our President von der Leyen for the launch of the New…

Ilaria Forte

Radical Innovator for a Life-Affirming World | Walking The Wholehearted Way| ⭕️🧎🏻| Nature I Nonduality I Nonself I Narratives I Native Wisdom

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